Accountability…Get Some

How do you develop accountability in your workouts?  This is probably one of the biggest reasons that many of my personal training clients come to me.  I have had clients say to me, “If I don’t come to my training session, I will not do my workouts.”  So here are a few suggestions for you to develop accountability in your own workouts.

Join a club. Whether you like to run, bike, swim, walk, climb, etc., find a club to join in a group dynamic.  Search the internet for your location and you are sure to find a club.  You can go to many specialty stores, such as a shoe store that specializes in selling running shoes to find running clubs. Find a co-worker, spouse, or close friend to workout with. The important thing is to have that accountability so when you are not feeling like working out, there will be someone there to push you.  Additionally, you will find that they are fun and offer a nice social outlet.

Sign up for a raceOr several races that are spaced out over a period of months. Simply knowing that you have a 5k in a month can do wonders for you when your motivation is low.

Sign up for a class. Fitness facilities offer a variety of classes that are physically challenging and socially stimulating.  Many facilities don’t require that you are a member of the facility, although you will probably pay more for the class.

Get out and enjoy nature. Hiking, biking, running, or cross-country skiing are great activities in the outdoors.  This can also be a spiritual renewal of sorts as it is often a very peaceful time to think and reflect in our busy lives.

Sign up for personal training. Personal trainers want to help you achieve your goals in a friendly non-intimidating environment.  They can set your workout based on your goals and help motivate you through the tough moments.

These are five excellent options for developing accountability; unfortunately, many people feel intimidated to do a lot of these things.  You will find that the clubs, classes, and personal trainers will be very accepting and welcoming to new members.  The key is to get over your fears and do something for yourself today.  You’ll be glad that you did!

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