“We have been working with John at Xtreme Performance for more than two years.  Prior to coming to John, our two sons had worked with him for four years while participating in high school sports.  The results were fantastic and they always looked forward to their sessions with him.  We were hopeful John could help us as much as he helped our sons.

John has been a wonderful trainer who has taken a personal interest in our health and well being.    Prior to starting our program with John, our physical endurance was deplorable.  John was able to assess our level of conditioning and created a program that thoughtfully got results without the pain, stiffness and discomfort that comes when starting.  Today, we are running 5k races, riding bikes for miles, snow shoeing and lifting weights.  Combined, we have lost more than 60 pounds and our new found energy has allowed us to re-engage in life.  John focused on our total well being, including our  conditioning, diet and emotional commitment to changing our lifestyle.

We strongly encourage others to utilize John and are absolutely convinced he will make a difference.  John invests himself in each of his clients and because of this, he seems to know exactly how to motivate others to achieve their goals.  We intend to work with John for a very long time.”

Randy & Patty Koch, Personal Training Clients

“My road to physical recovery started 4 years ago with John. I had 2 back surgeries in 7 years and was afraid to do anything active other than walking. I was not in pain, just afraid to move.

Today I am doing whatever activity I want , which includes kayaking, stand up paddling, biking, swimming, hiking, gardening, snow shoeing, and cross country skiing. I have no restrictions!

[Through his personal training program] John taught me to STRETCH and the difference between a good pain and a hurtful pain. Also, during these 4 years, John helped me work on my migraine headaches. He has taught me ways to stretch and workout, so medication is not my first response.

Thanks to John I live a very active life , one I thought was in the past.”

Dawn Erhardt, Personal Training Client

“After suffering from 2 ruptured discs in my neck and trying to recover from a difficult spinal fusion surgery, John has really gotten me back to a very active lifestyle, with his personal training program.  I am able to swim, ski, run, and play tennis, everything I am accustom to doing.  I understand that it is a commitment and I must stay on top of being fit and active.  John is great at mixing up my weekly personal training routines.  He does not take it easy on me and is not intimidated by my surgery, like other therapists that I have been to.  He works me to my fullest potential and I get the results that I am looking for.”

Jennifer Apol, Personal Training Client

Following the initial evaluation of our daughter, John was able to explain
in great detail several issues that affected her mechanics while running.
His knowledge and detail of her mechanical inefficiencies were very
impressive. Despite the fact that our daughter was not blessed with great
speed, John convinced us that he could make her “his walking billboard.”
About two thirds of the way through the training program, parents on my
daughter’s team began to ask questions as to what it was exactly that we
were doing that had improved her speed and agility on the soccer field. Not
only did her playing time increase, her confidence soared to new heights.
This last Spring, our daughter was the fastest fifth grade girl in all of
Kentwood Public Schools. Through John’s customized training program and
proven results, it is without reservation that we highly recommend Xtreme
Performance for all your athletes needs.

Shannon Culver, Parent