Athletic Training


Our Mission:  Is to help every athlete maximize their athletic potential, allowing the athlete a great level of success and safety.  

What is your atheletic potential?


Every athlete has the potential to perform at greater levels weather they know it or not.  It is our job to unlock your greatest tool…your brain.  The body will do what the mind perceives and if you want to make it to the next level athletically, then we have to show you how to get there.  Athletes will perform in 18 intense one and a half hour sessions to develop speed, agility, strength, power and vertical jump.  You cannot achieve success unless you are working at a maximal level!  Here’s how it breaks down:

MECHANICS    The core value of being a great athlete is mechanics!  Simply put, mechanics is you brain’s ability to control your body.  Greater control equals greater success.  Our Athletic Training will teach you the proper mechanics for sprinting, jumping, strength, and agility.

SPEED   People commonly believe that speed is something that an athlete is born with or without.  While every athlete has different genetic capabilities, it is our job to maximize you speed potential.  Speed development is actually quite simple.  Increase an athletes stride length (the distance they cover with each step) and their stride frequency (the number of times that an athlete can touch the ground) and you have an increase in speed.  The hard part is the amount of sweat that it takes to create that change.  At Xtreme Performance, you will work on a high-speed treadmill working at various elevations and intervals to create that speed.  Additionally, we will work on ground-based activities to maximize your ability to accelerate to your maximum speed in the shortest amount of time.  This will revolutionize your athletic performance on the field!

ANEROBIC CONDITIONG  Every coach wants it and every athlete needs it.  Imagine going into your sports preseason at midseason conditioning levels.  Anaerobic conditioning will allow you to have the confidence, focus, and intensity on the court or on the field.  It is also at the singular component that will allow you to work at the level necessary to develop speed and agility.  It isn’t easy, but if it was, then every athlete would possess it.  We will take you to new levels of conditioning and performance!

AGILITY   Many athletes have speed, but don’t possess the ability to change direction quickly.  Unless your only sport is track, this is not a good equation for success.  In order to change directions at maximal speeds and athletes must possess the strength, foot speed, and proper body position.  At Xtreme Performance we develop agility through the use of agility ladders and a variety of cone and hurdle formations to teach you how to move quicker and more controlled.

STRENGTH AND POWER   At its core, strength allows an athlete to control their body at higher stress loads.  The greater the stress, the greater the strength necessary to overcome that stress.  Power is an athlete’s ability to perform these movements in the most explosive manner possible.  At Xtreme Performance we will work to develop a greater level of strength and the power to truly increase your speed and agility.

VERTICAL JUMP   One of the best measures of an athlete’s power is vertical jump.   Jumping is an essential skill necessary for every sport.  Strength, power and mechanics training will allow you to reach new heights of athleticism.