Personal Training Grand Rapids MI


Our Mission:  Is to help people live longer, healthier, more productive lives through development of a lifestyle of regular and beneficial exercise.


Our Personal Training Grand Rapids, MI staff will be with you every step of the way on your road to success!  We will begin by assisting you in setting attainable goals based on your fitness evaluation.  Then we will develop a program that is unique to your goals.  We will supervise every aspect of your program.

ACCOUNTABILITY  Many people fail with exercise because of a lack of accountability.  At Xtreme Performance, we will provide that accountability.

GOAL SETTING  Contrary to most TV infomercials, you cannot gain muscle mass or lose 20 pounds in two weeks.  It takes a lot of time and sweat to make that happen.  At Xtreme Performance, we will help you set safe attainable goals that will have long lasting effects.

MOTIVATION  No yelling and screaming here.  Our personal trainers’ provide a positive environment that will keep you wanting to come back to exercise more.  A positive workout attitude will lead to lifelong exercising.

EXERCISE PRESCRIPTION  There are many different variations and progressions for every exercise.  The key is to find the right exercise at the right intensity.  This means that regardless of your physical conditioning, we can find the right exercise for you.

STRETCHING  Stretching is a critical, yet overlooked component of exercise that can help decrease pain and increase mobility.  We will evaluate your flexibility and prescribe a stretching routine that will have you feeling and looking younger

CARING  Our personal trainers’ care about the wellbeing and success of all of our clients’.  We will be there through every stage of your transformation.